Why KIS?

Kingdee KIS Features

Suitable to business operating in Hong Kong and Mainland China. ≥
Equipped with account files specialized for Mainland China business.
Easily change language setting ≥
Kingdee KIS supports Unicode. You can input English, Traditional Chinese or Simplified Chinese data. The language you use to record data is not necessarily the same as that of the interface. You can enter English data while using a Traditional Chinese interface, or vice versa.
Multi-currency ≥
Kingdee KIS offers true multi-currency capability in support to global business transactions. Transactions for customers and suppliers can handle multiple records of different currencies, with exchange gain and loss calculation automated. You can also have the different currencies on the reports.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be an accountant in order to use Kingdee KIS?
Kingdee KIS can be used by anyone with basic knowledge and experience in business management and computer usage. Having accounting knowledge is not a must as Kingdee KIS® Accounting automatically converts invoices, payments, receipts, etc., into full double-entry journal as practice usually employed by accountants and auditors.
Can I use Kingdee KIS if my company has offices located in Hong Kong and Mainland China?
Yes, you can.You are just required to select the corresponding region when creating your company file. You can create up to 5 company files in your Kingdee KIS. There is no restriction on the region for each company file. You may have, say, 3 files with Hong Kong COA and 2 files with Mainland China COA.
Can I customize forms to match my company's existing forms?
Yes. The forms in Kingdee KIS can be easily customized to match most commonly-used forms.
Can I restrict access for certain users?
Yes. Kingdee KIS lets you set the View, Edit, Print, and Export access permission in the User Management in order to protect your company data.
Is it necessary to upgrade the program when a new version is released?
Some new functions are added to each Kingdee KIS of new version released. User may take the upgrade if new functions are needed.