Partner Scheme

Joining us as a Kingdee KIS Partner may enjoy reseller discount and other special commission!

Reseller of Kingdee KIS Product and Services:

Authorized resellers may enjoy reseller discount on Kingdee KIS product and services.

Not-for-Sale Product of Kingdee KIS for Internal Use:

One special discounted Not-for-resell product is offered to every authorized resellers for internal use.

One seat of Kingdee KIS Basic Course (Value HK$600):

Authorized reseller may get a coupon for one seat of Kingdee KIS Basic Course.

Free Pre-sales Technical Support:

Technical support will be provided for you as an authorized reseller free of charge in helping for better understanding your customer’s needs.

Kingdee KIS Authorized Reseller Logo and Marketing Materials:

After the first order, authorized reseller is privileged to use the Kingdee KIS Authorized Reseller logo, which may be put on your name cards, webpages, and other marketing materials. Product boxes and pamphlets will be provided for promotion and marketing.

Referral commission for Partner:

If you as a Partner refers us to potential customers, you will be granted referral commission after the order is confirmed. You may login the Partner Portal any time to check for the reseller and referral status. If the referred customer upgrades their system to K/3, K/3 Cloud, or EAS series of systems in future, Partner may also receive technical support and pre-sales service, as well as referral commission.  

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