Training Course

Students attend lessons in small groups. They will receive comprehensive training assisted by multimedia materials. We are now offering Kingdee KIS® courses, which are conducted in Cantonese with Chinese handouts and materials.

Training Courses

Have you ever asked...

  • Why Excel ledger is less efficient than computerized ledger?
  • How to enter opening balances? Why do our A/R & A/P show discrepancy?
  • How to enter audit adjustment, and how the year-end closing be done?
  • How to avoid wasting company file quota?
  • How can sales invoice be issued before goods received?
  • How to tailor Purchase Order, Invoice, and Statement with corporate style in Kingdee KIS® ?
  • How to simplify entries of rental, water & electricity bills, and other expenses?
  • How to archive data of those after year-end operation?

Course objective: Covering the difference between manual ledger and computerized ledger; elaborating how to create and initiate a company database, perform daily operation, avoid common pitfalls, and enhance performance.Elaborating the functions of Purchase, Payroll, Banking, Inventory, and other modules with even weighting, in order to convey a comprehensive understanding on Kingdee KIS®, optimizing accounting department operation.

Duration: Minimum 3 hours
Tuition in Cantonese
Handouts in Chinese

Fee: HK$3,000 up

Course Outline:

  1. Introduction to KIS & Initialization
    1. Preparation and system setting for migrating to KIS
    2. Introduction to KIS functions
    3. Creating new files
    4. Setting and initiating new account files
    5. Backup and restore of account files
    6. Software registration
  2. Banking Centre
    1. Entering Other Payments
    2. Entering Other Receipts
  3. Sales Centre
    1. Entering Sales Invoices of
      1. goods/services
      2. foreign currencies
    2. Receiving Payments
    3. Sales Invoicing
    4. Related reports usage and elaboration
  4. Purchase Centre
    1. Entering goods/services Purchase Invoices
    2. Handling Purchase Invoices with Item received
    3. Bill Payments
    4. Related reports usage and elaboration
  5. Month-end and Year-end
    1. Bank Reconciliation
    2. Re-valuation
    3. Stock take and inventory adjustment
  6. Other functions
    1. To-do list
    2. Recurring transaction
    3. Customized field


Our professionals will tailor courses according to your practical situation, and conduct on-site lessons not only for grasping accounting system operation, but also applying Kingdee KIS® on your current practice. Number of attendance is unlimited, whereas training materials and handouts are designed to your specific needs.

Duration: 3 hours per session
Tuition in Cantonese/English
Handouts in Chinese/English

Fee: HK$1,200/hr