Kingdee Cloud Galaxy

What is Kingdee Cloud Galaxy?

Kingdee Cloud Galaxy focuses on growth enterprises and provides an open ERP cloud platform for enterprises in the digital economy era based on the three characteristics of 'open, standard and social'. ervices include: finance, supply chain, intelligent manufacturing, amoeba management, omni-channel marketing, e-commerce, HR, and enterprise Internet services to help enterprises implement a new digital marketing ecosystem and management restructuring, etc. and enhance their digital capabilities.


Open industry ecosystem ≥
By using public cloud applications, we bring together upstream and downstream partners in the industrial chain; through a cloud collaborative development platform, we integrate developer resources for on-demand applications.
Assisting enterprises with an international platform for global resource allocation ≥
Meet the requirements of different national and regional accounting systems and standards through accounting elements and rules.
Coordinate operations across multiple organisations ≥
Starting from multiple perspectives such as organisation, role, data and business process, build a dynamic business model comprising multiple locations, factories and divisions to operate and assess multiple business units within the enterprise.
Social ERP system ≥
Social ERP systemBased on social network technology and with the help of an enterprise employee network, customer network and supplier network, the enterprise can achieve internal and external business collaboration and overcome boundary, resource, time and space restrictions.


Finanical Service
Targets large and medium-sized enterprises across Hong Kong, China and internationally with multiple organisations and profit centres and fully supports multi-organisation business collaboration through ERP software
Supply Chain
Targets the operation of purchase, sales and inventory management at enterprises. The ERP system help to comprehensively manage the supply chain in Hong Kong and internationally by effectively managing and controlling information, material and capital flows in production, supply, and sales
YFocuses on collaborative production in multi-factory and multi-organisation settings, meeting the diversified configuration needs of enterprises, comprehensive cloud-based ERP system applications for manufacturing systems, and standardised management
Cloud ERP management system for companies in Hong Kong and across the globe with multiple organisations and multiple profit centres, to fully support multi-organisation business collaboration
Product life-cycle management system to help enterprises shorten R&D cycles and cut manufacturing costs
Food and Beverage
Provides cloud-based ERP software to medium to large-sized chain markets, small chains or individual catering companies in Hong Kong and China for closed-loop connection of online and offline businesses, and for building management and operation platforms that cover the entire value chain spanning HQ, stores and consumers

Kingdee Cloud Galaxy Industry Solutions

Base Metals
To achieve a more precise delivery time in the whole production, effective inventory reduction, more accurate production data, and more efficient and flexible production processes, achieving a substantial increase in production capacity.
Target on each subdivision of the household Appliances and furnishings industry, covering the entire supply chain in the business operation, and going deeply into details of operation and management processes
Trading and Retail
"Quick configuration, Speedy implementation, rapid application development, fast results", achieves socialized scale in a fast delivery, flexible to handle the diversified trading goods with full visibility in the entire processes, achieving the integration of business and finance.
Online Education
Unified management of centralized procurement, centralized production, decentralized production, direct sales , and channel sales to achieve business improvement.
Automotive Electronics
Seamless implantation of the two major operating tools: Amoeba's accounting report and worksheet, provide the most detailed and efficient data support for business management, guaranteeing the continuous improvement of business performance.
Pharmaceutical industry
Provide digital innovative solutions in the pharmaceutical supply chain, production, marketing and promotion, pharmaceutical retail, and financial management.
Instrumentation Industry
With unique advantages such as light-weight, flexibility, easy deployment, and combining software and hardware, it supports multi-variety, small-batch, and short-delivery production mode.
Through interconnection devices, data is automatically collected; on-site smart terminals, real-time data reporting, and real-time release of production plans help customers to increase productivity, achieve a more accurate delivery schedule, and effectively reduce cost.
Home Appliances
The Amoeba mobile application solution fully meets the needs of various business operations, strengthens the integration of company-wide business processing and data-sharing, and implements the company standardization through informationization to support the enterprise transformation.
Able to support nationwide store openings and keep with the pace of your business development strategy, accelerate the business development of direct sales + distribution model, compatible for multi-organization, multi-accounting systems, and multiple financial reporting standards, flexibly adjusting between single and multi-organization.
Unified management of centralized procurement, centralized production, decentralized production, direct sales , and channel sales to achieve business improvement.
3C Digital
Create smart retail to implement business workflows, enterprise efficiency, business and finance integration, management standardization, and revenue visibility.
Focusing on unified management based on the three major foundations: accounting, financial systems, and information systems; Provide a strategic financial management model that integrates finance and taxation, smart finance and smart services.
The integrated solution of BI+PLM+ERP+MES covers the entire business areas such as planning, statistics, production management, quality control, and so on.
An integrated business and finance platform helps to unify the management and provide an integrated solution for sales and production, supporting a fast, effective and promising path for enterprises to replicate the proven business models.
Smart SaaS cashier system, CRM membership system, big data and AI for replenishing goods, smart financial platform, integration of business and finance, voucher automation, and so on.
Achieve “Zero” in the distance of the factory stations, waiting for the change of assembly line, and delay in data collection.
An ERP platform that integrates procurement, quality inspection, production and processing, warehousing, to distribution and retail, and provides a full range and multi-perspective of operation and financial analysis.


Upgrade for fast, comprehensive service
Kingdee Cloud Galaxy offers free online upgrades with 24/7 technical support, including online customer service and online bills of lading.
Data security and reliability
Kingdee Cloud Galaxy has received international and domestic certification (ISO27001, security level 3, ITSS2, etc.) and works with firms such as Amazon to provide comprehensive security guarantees.
Powerful features and low investment
Supports multiple organisations, multiple accounting systems, multiple accounting records, amoeba, fast and flexible expansion, and fast functionality. There is no need to purchase servers and databases and no one-time purchase of ERP software is required.